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Lomilomi Massage

an ancient Hawaiian healing art shared through the spirit and touch of aloha

Oceanic rhythms of massage and breath carry you... onto new waves of healing and life-force.

This "temple style" bodywork combines long, full massage strokes with energy work, yoga-type stretches and joint mobilizations, flushing out old patterns... and bringing fresh blood, lymph and energy through out body, mind and innermost being.


2 hour lomilomi $150

A 2 hour lomilomi restores freedom of movement to the entire body, and also precipitates a deep feeling of bliss as old subconscious blocks stored in the cells are shed, experiencing a reconnection to your pure essence.


3.5 hour lomilomi $225

A full lomilomi lasts 3.5 hours. It begins with soul communication, to ascertain the root of what is wanting to be released, as well as Kahiloa with the elements of creation... further facilitating the subsequent bodywork to replace outdated energy-binding patterns that create friction in daily life, with energy that invites and supports your radiance. Use of the oxygenated hot tub overlooking the ocean is also available.


1 hour $80

Those who have already had a full 2 or 3.5 hour body-spirit integration can return for a one hour specific area of treatment.

Lomilomi can also be part of the mana or the cleanse personal retreat


Dhyana has trained in 3 different styles of lomilomi with kahunas in Maui, Molokai and Kauai, and has facilitated at teaching intensives. She is also trained in chakra balancing, chikung, and digestive valve tune-ups, as well as being a yoga, meditation, Nia and Hawaiian hula teacher. Dhyana spends time in Hawaii regularly, bringing a deep level of experience, authenticity, and understanding of the human physique and energy body to every session.


"Thank you so much for sharing this life-changing experience with me." ~ S.M.

"I was looking for an unusual, authentic experience for my Sunshine Coast weekend, and wow did Dhyana deliver! I bought the 3 hour package, which begins in the hot tub overlooking snow capped mountains and tranquil harbor. To say this is a massage doesn't convey the service. Dhyana is a healer of the truest form. If you are open to her gift your session can be life changing. She starts with singing and prayer, beautiful melodies that roll through your heart and break away any blocked energy. All the while she is performing massage, which is very relaxing. Now that its been a week since my service, I've noticed that I feel 'lighter', like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I experience more joy and compassion, and am seeing more of it returned to me.  It's truly magical. I would recommend this experience to anyone who suspects they are missing something from life. Inner Moves is just the place to find it!" ~ K.T.