Chakra  Balancing

                                                7 Major Chakras

                                                7 Major Chakras


Discover which chakras (energy centers that link with major glands) are open, closed or spinning backwards, and learn what this means for your physical and emotional health and spiritual well-being.

An extensive chakra profile of both the front and back of your energy body is done first, lying fully clothed on a massage table. This analysis and time for discussion allows your conscious mind to understand your strengths as well as the areas that need attention. A numerology profile gives further information on attunement with your life path.

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part 2: aura healing

The subsequent aura healing involves:

  • psychic reading, clearing, balancing and spiritual attunement of the chakras, so that they spin coherently and draw in life force
  • connecting your energy body to Grounding and to Cosmic Source (Universal Energy Field / God)
  • cleansing and integrating out-of-body chakras and outer layers of the aura

so that you feel integrated, at one with you highest Self, and at peace.

Fee: $70/hour or portion thereof. DEPENDING ON AMOUNT OF DISCUSSION, Allow at least 1.5 hours for Parts One and Two.

Chakra Balancing can be a stand-alone appointment, or part of the Prana or Mana Personal Retreats.