Somatic WAve™ and Yoga

                                                          A NEW WAY OF MOVING BY RIDING ENERGY WAVES

                                                          A NEW WAY OF MOVING BY RIDING ENERGY WAVES


Somatic WAVe and the torus

Somatic WAve™ is a sea of light, moving through the felt-sense body (soma) - a fusion of meditation chikung and Anatomy Trains; a sea of light supported by the all-encompassing torus - the universal energy field of all heavenly bodies and all living things.

Somatic WAve™ uses the energy of anti-gravity created by the Yin and Yang of the universe, and is activated by the body’s system of connective tissue, chi meridians and inner diaphragms. It uses the energy of anti-gravity to move muscles and joints by surfing the energy flowing through their connective tissue, rather than movement being activated by muscles and joints.

It was discovered by Dhyana while interweaving yoga with chikung, but it is a movement technique and not a movement form per se, as it makes any movement or practice safer and more efficient. It is also  a holistic well-being technique  that makes any healing modality infinitely more effective, empowered by the universal energy field.

Antiforce is the same action that is present in the ocean waves, extending over the sand while rebounding and sucking the water back from the shore with an under-tow. Antiforce allows chi to flow freely, steered by the diaphragms of the inner tube, through all parts of the body, even the brain. The main rebounder of your WAve™ is the perineum. It is the “critical point” where the least effort exerts the greatest effect.

Moving on the earth's energy matrix is a fascinating experience of weightlessness, so wonderful for the joints, for self-healing in general, for emotional spaciousness, as well as for spiritual evolution.

The 6 components of a Somatic WAve™:

  • tensegrity - balanced tension of yin and  yang in chi and myofascial meridians
  • perineum quadrants - the prime pump and steering mechanisms
  • presspoints - energy moving out feet/ tail/ sit bones/ hands
  • opposing force - creating a rebound
  • anti-gravity - surfing the rebound through the inner body

  • ideokinesis - a visualized image moves the body


Somatic Yoga

Transform your relationship with your body and the universe, using your felt-sense to move from the inside out into yoga poses.

After 30 years of yoga practice, chi-kung training, and study of Dr. Myers' Anatomy Trains, Dhyana began infusing yoga with chi-kung energy work, surfing antigravity along the connective tissues of the 12 meridian cycle and floating into yoga poses effortlessly, to heal rather than strain, muscles and joints. She had finally found a way to bring healing to severe spinal, pelvic and shoulder injuries she had sustained and that had originally started her journey into body-mind-spirit-fitness.

Through this biodynamic practice you will develop an integrated, strong, physical body and energy body that:

  • aligns your spine
  • treats problems in feet, knees, hips
  • bathes organs & glands with chi (life energy)
  • strengthens pelvic floor (your prime energy & pleasure pump)
  • strengthens the entire core and activates chakras
  • creates a self-generated craniosacral 'long-tide'
  • leaves you feeling blissfully connected with Oneness
"I hadn't been able to do Triangle Pose for 4 years because my left leg couldn't support me. Today I did Triangle Pose! I'm getting my left leg back!" ~ S.M.
"My low back had been hurting me for days. Today in class I felt my tail bone adjust twice. My low back pain is gone! ~ L.M.
"I truly enjoyed the class... I experienced such spaciousness and amazing energy." ~ B.O.
"My asthma was acting up. I was comforted to be led to focus on the breath more than any yoga class I had been to. About half way through the class I noticed my breathing returned to normal, the burning inflammation was gone; by the end of class I was feeling really good and centered. Thank you Dhyana." ~ R.M.