Three meditation styles are offered, mirroring the 3 major centers of the body and ascending in levels of complexity: heart, head, hara.

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“Elemental Meditations of the Heart” offers a simple yet profound experience of mystical Oneness, by focusing consciousness in the heart and breath. Through their rhythms, we connect with the elemental power that is needed in each moment - earth, water, fire or air - and enter into blissful union with the immensity of Divine Love.

Strengthen and calm the physical heart while nourishing and expanding the soul heart. Experience self-love, enjoy challenge without stress, and attain a mystical experience of unity.

Enjoy a sample track:



Chakras are the organs of our luminous energy body and the blueprints of our physical body. We will focus consciousness on the third eye to open, cleanse and activate the chakras and aura with light and color, as well as using sound, bioenergetics, and physical sensations of Love and trust. This meditation technique also develops psychic faculties and is a precursor to psychic reading and energy healing abilities. This course is offered in various formats, including the yearly 8 week Chakra Enlightenment Intensive. Participants often repeat the CEI due to its progressive benefits as the energy body heals and moves into higher frequencies of vibration.

In the accompanying "Embodiment" CD, you are encouraged to sound into each chakra with a tonal frequency that causes the chakra to vibrate, at the same time that you create a physical sensation of love in the chakra.

"This experience is life changing. I will keep these tools with me forever." KW

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Healing Love Tao Basics focuses in the lower tantien (hara/navel center), the physical energy bank where life begins. By cultivating the life-force of the sexual glands, organs, and emotions in sync with the Earth and Universe, an inner alchemy happens. Using visualization, breath and muscle control, a life-long solo cultivation practice is created that can also be expanded to partner alchemy. This powerful course shares ancient Taoist chikung and meditation techniques, closely guarded secrets of emperors and sages because they brought longevity, rejuvenation, enhanced sexual pleasure and increased personal power.

Students report more energy, emotional stability, and centered peace, as well as relief from PMS, menopausal symptoms, incontinence, and impotence.